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Torrance House

Torrance House gets its name from a local author named William Grove Torrance who published a book called "The History of Alleyne's Grammar School, 1558-1958". My name is Mr Hawthorne and I am Head of Torrance House, caring for the well-being and progress of every student that wears the blue tie with pride. We are a house that are well known to be supportive and have the utmost respect for every Torrance student and person outside of this community.

We are known to be very successful in the House Trophy competition, including being the current House Champions. In last year's competition, we have experienced success in the House Drama, Music, Swimming Gala, Credits and Science Millionaire. We also have an excellent track record in fund raising within the school, where we've managed to raise over £1000 for the Donna Louise Trust over the last three years. All Torrance students aim for excellence in every aspect of their school lives and we always hope to empower other students with our positivity.

We have 7 tutor groups attached to Torrance with teachers assigned as their form tutors and there is a Student Support Assistant attached to each house. In Torrance House we have the excellent Mrs Collier, who is available throughout the school day to all students that may experience any difficulties or problems

updated September 2017