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Elkes House

Head of House: Ms Brooks 

Pastoral Welfare Officer: Ms Attwood

The Elkes family name has been linked to Uttoxeter since the early 1900s as a local business grew from a small sweetshop to what is now Fox's biscuits. Our team of staff is proud to support Elkes students in their time with us. We are very lucky to have an excellent group of experienced tutors, and also a dedicated Student Support Assistant, Ms Attwood, who works to ensure that students from all Houses are able to access support in school. 

Our students are committed and enthusiastic, and our attendance and participation levels are very positive, across all three years. Admittedly, it has been a couple of years since we topped the House Trophy table, but we have high hopes for future competitions as our extra-curricular life gets back to normality! Seeing our students working together, be it in sporting, creative or artistic competition, is hugely rewarding, and we hope that by the end of year 11, all of our Elkes students will have taken part in some form of House activity, and enjoyed the sense of participation it brings.

Ms Attwood and I love seeing Elkes students' achievements, both in and out of the classroom, and it remains a privilege to see many choosing to build on those successes with us in our sixth form. We have sporting heroes, Young Lions, peer mentors and school councillors among our ranks, and Elkes students are positively engaged in many activities, roles and responsibilities, all of which make us richer as a school community.