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Year 9

Students complete many small practical tasks to allow them to gain experience and build confidence within the workshop.  Year 9 major project is to Design and Make an acoustic Speaker . The projects allow students to follow the Design Process and consists of research and analysis, generation of ideas, development and model making, prototype manufacture and evaluating and testing their final outcome.

Year 10

All students complete a Bottle opener project. They follow the full Design Process for this project and the project itself allows all students the freedom of creativity and innovation, whilst adhering to their own product specification created through a variety of research methods and analysis of existing products.

Theory is taught throughout this year in preparation for their written exam at the end of year 11.

Year 11

All students will complete NEA (Non Exam Assessment) worth 50% of their overall GCSE
grade. Students have the freedom to design and make a product under certain headings that will be determined by the exam board each year. This gives the students a very wide range of products to choose from and is a fantastic opportunity to display skills previously learned along with the opportunity to develop new skills and use a variety of different processing techniques, tools, equipment and state of the art CAD CAM (Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacture).

Updated Octobe 2017