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18th August 2020

Parent news

 August 18th


Dear all,


Thank you for your support and questions. There have been rapid changes over the last few days which students have dealt with incredibly. We have not received formal confirmation from the Department for Education on the latest announcement on A level results, but it does appear that students will be awarded the teacher assessed grades. For some students this may not mean any change to their grades but for others it will make a significant difference.


We will be open from 2pm until 5.30pm (Tuesday) for students to collect their teacher assessed grades and to provide support for individuals where needed. These grades are purely the grades our school submitted to exam boards. As yet, there has been no formal confirmation to schools as to the re-issuing of final exam results but the news indicates that the teacher assessments will stand.


We will continue to provide updates as further information is shared.


Year 8 into Year 9 Summer school

Thank you to everyone in Year 8 who attended Summer School. It has been fantastic to see you in school.


Year 11 Results Day – 20th August 2020

We look forward to welcoming Year 11 to collect GCSE level exam results from school on Thursday, 19th August 2020. In order to maintain social distancing measures, please enter through the gate on Back Lane and we would then ask you to line up to enter Reception. To ensure safe collection, the following time slots have been allocated for students to collect results:

11E1 and 11W3                       9.00am – 9.30am

11O2 and 11T3                        10.00am – 10.30am

11O1, 11T1 and 11W1            11.00 – 11.30pm

11E2, 11W2 and 11T2             12.00 – 12.30pm

Staff to be available in the canteen and gym should you require any advice and guidance with your pathways,

If you are unable to collect results, please can you send an email to with the title Exam Results and we can arrange for them to be emailed to your office 365 address.

Careers Support and Guidance:


TAHS Careers Support: Elaine Tomlinson, our Careers Adviser from Entrust is available on the 19th of August and beyond and is offering an online service to anyone needing careers advice and help with their options. Elaine can help explore the different options and routes that are available to students, she can also provide information on different courses and apprenticeship routes. She can also help with employability skills including CV writing, application forms, interview techniques and using social media and other methods of job and apprenticeship search. 


Her email is: and she will answer any queries by email or arrange a call back if needed. Please provide as much detail as possible so she can try and answer as many people as possible as quickly and effectively as she can. Entrust provides independent and impartial careers advice so please do get in touch if you need any help or advice or have any questions.


National Careers Service: The National Careers Service has set up an exam results helpline during August 2020. Young people or their parents can contact the helpline on 0800 100 900 to speak to a professionally qualified careers adviser if you need advice on your next steps. The helpline will be open from 8am to 10pm from Thursday 13 August until Friday 28 August. After these dates, you will be able to access ongoing support from the National Careers Service at any time by calling 0800 100 900, visiting or by searching for the National Careers Service on Facebook and Twitter.


First day back

We look forward to students returning to school. As there are a number of changes on site, we will need to invite 2 year groups in at a time so that we can run through the changes and the one way system with them.


2nd September Year 9 only                  (Please enter through the front gates of school and you will be directed to meet your form tutor)

3rd September Year 11 and 13 only    (Please enter through the new Maths block gates)

4th September Year 10 and 12 only    (Please enter off Back Lane)

7th September                                     Full opening for all students


Take care and best wishes,


Mrs Rudge