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Art & Design is a vibrant and exciting department within school. It has excellent examination results and many students make good use of the Art room studios in after school sessions which run regularly throughout the year until 4:30pm (please check availability with Art staff)

Students who study art and design become creative thinkers, problem solvers and  innovators with essential skills that are relevant and meaningful for a huge range of careers. 

Please see our Art Department Portfolio @

Curriculum Offered:

Year 9 

This is a ‘foundation’ year for GCSE Art & Design, where students practice and build on core skills. Eg Visual elements, theory and practice, Investigation of practitioners and exploring different media and materials for different effects and purposes.

Year 10 & 11 

GCSE Art Students will explore a broad and extensive range of skills which are showcased in a portfolio of exciting work. 

Students will complete a Coursework and Exam unit based on different themes which will form their final GCSE grade.

Students produce work which follows the direction and assessment framework of AQA exam board. Please view this video: to find out more...


Students can study one or two different A Levels in the Art Department that follow the AQA Exam board specification:

-A Level Art (Art, Craft & Design)

-A Level Photography

Both subjects offer a broad-based course and help students develop a professional portfolio with a range of materials, techniques, approaches and outcomes.

Please view these videos to find out more information about our course:

A-Level Art:

A-Level Photography:


Art Club: available as drop in at lunchtimes and after school til 4:30pm only. Please check availability of teachers after school, as on occasions  they may be no art club.

Visits: Y10 GCSE and Y12/13 students get chances to go to national and local galleries to see first hand artworks, eg London, Liverpool, Birmingham.

We also look out for any enrichment opportunities to help students eg clay workshops.

We have run overseas visits to New York for 6th form and may do similar in the future, subject to gaining appropriate approvals and interest.

Life drawing: 6th formers may opt to do a couple of days life drawing to develop own skills for portfolios

Careers guidance: The Art staff assist with portfolio management and career options are highlighted throughout courses. EG ‘Create your futures’ by UCAS.

Our greatest asset is our ‘past students’ who come back to share experiences with others, eg Architects, illustrators, photographers etc.

Aims of the department:

  • To develop a deep understanding and appreciation of Visual Literacy, to express and communicate own ideas.
  • To encourage risk taking, with failure and being part of that process
  • To develop a strong artistic curiosity with resilience and sustained practice at the centre.
  • To encourage innovative, inquisitive and entrepreneurial learners in a world with varied and changing career prospects.

Department Members

Mr Robinson-White: Head of Art & Photography

Mrs D Cornell: Teacher of Art

Mrs L Summers: Teacher of Art and Design Technology