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The English department of Thomas Alleyne's High School offers a broad range of teaching from a team of highly-qualified and experienced professionals.  The department has a good track record of successfully preparing pupils for both GCSE and A-level.  The team aims to provide an enjoyable and interesting educational experience, where each pupil is treated as an individual with their personal interests encouraged and their individual needs supported.
In Year 9 we prepare students for the demands of the AQA courses in GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature by introducing pupils to the knowledge and skills that they will be using as they progress towards Years 10 and 11.  A wide range of topics are covered in lively and interesting schemes of work that aim to build both knowledge and enthusiasm.
In Years 10 and 11 pupils will be working through a structured programme of learning and development in preparation for the examinations at the end of Year 11.  This programme includes a range of reading and writing skills alongside the study of a Shakespeare text, a 19th century novel, a modern text and a range of poetry including unseen examples from a range of poets and backgrounds.
In Years 12 and 13, there is the opportunity to study for A-level qualifications in English Language and English Literature.  Students who have followed the courses of study with the department have enjoyed both the course and success at the end of it, with many choosing to study English at university afterwards.

Department Members

Mrs R Hunt: Head of English

Mr I Hulme: Second in department

Mrs D Baldwin: Teacher of English

Mr J Brassington: Teacher of English, Head of Orme House

Miss A Beevor: Teacher of English, Head of Torrance House

Mrs P Brooks: Teacher of English, Head of Elkes House

Mr K Bell: Teacher of English, Deputy Head of Sixth form

Miss R Cann: Teacher of English

Mrs J Rudge: Teacher of English, Headteacher

Mrs R Lindsay: Teacher of English, Assistant Headteacher

Mr J Biggs: Teacher of English, Sendco, Assistant Headteacher

Mrs C Cameron: 1to1 intervention tutor

Mrs C Bowler: 1to1 intervention tutor