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Year 9  

Pupils investigate, develop and make a range of predominantly savoury dishes and explore the importance of Nutrition and Scientific Processes involved in Cooking.

Y10 & Y11

The GCSE Food & Nutrition course offers a unique opportunity for candidates to develop their knowledge and extend their skills within a catering vocational context. It is a suitable qualification for those who want a broad background in this area and for those who wish to progress to further education. It will offer valuable preparation for those entering the world of work.

Course breakdown

  • % NEA (Non Exam Assessment) which is split into the following two separate sections.
  1. 15% is completed through Scientific Investigations.
  2. 35% is completed through a Food Preparation Task. This consists of the research, trialling and preparation and cooking of three dishes based on a theme. The theme is changed annually by the exam board.
  • 50% exam based on content taught throughout Year 9,10 and Year 11

updated October 2017