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Information for Parents

Information for parents 

Students who have clear personal goals and career ambitions are more likely to make progress in school, attain good exam results and secure an appropriate pathway to a fulfilling and happy future.

Aspirations and career plans may develop and alter significantly between year 9 and 13 but having an on-going dialogue about possible higher education and career choices can improve motivation, enthusiasm, increase aspirations and develop goal for all students.

It will be really valuable if you have conversations with your child about their career plans. Even an informal chat is good but if you want to give them more advice or just want to find out about a particular career or University choice then you might find the links and booklets below useful.

The students have access to a wider range of resources to support them with all transition stages in our Future Intentions Library. They will be able to locate this on Microsoft teams - why not ask them to have a look at it with you?

In addition to the booklets below Career Map provide a range of different magazines which you can subscribe too. Follow the link  below to have a look at their magazine and register for a free subscription. They also do an excellent magazine for career changers and for students leaving education. 

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