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Orme House

Head of House: Mr John Brassington

Student Support Assistant: Mrs Nikki Moore

Welcome to Orme House.  We are passionate about the welfare of the students in Orme House, the wearers of the green tie!  Part of our role is to monitor the academic progress of students and in doing so we recognize the stresses and strains in life that can hinder this progress.  Students in Orme House can approach either of us to seek whatever support is necessary during these difficult times.

We place great value on excellent attendance.  There is clear evidence of the link between attendance and attainment at school.  We work closely with the school attendance officer and Educational Welfare Worker to monitor and promote excellent attendance in Orme House.  We want to maximize the potential of each student in Orme and attendance is a key factor in doing so

Life at Thomas Alleyne’s is not just about academic attainment and in Orme House we seek to encourage as many students as possible to take part in both whole school and House activities.  Over the past few years we have not won the coveted House Trophy, though this year might be the year!  Regardless of victory or not we value the efforts of all students who represent Orme in sporting, musical, dramatic or any one of the many other House competitions.  It was especially pleasing last year to see two new Year 9 Orme students come first and second in the coveted House chess competition .  A further opportunity for students in Orme House is to get involved in House charity events.  In previous years students have helped to raise hundreds of pounds for the Donna Louise Hospice in Stoke-On-Trent.  In relation to seizing opportunities it was very pleasing to see so many Year 11 Orme students taking part in the National Citizen’s Service Project during their summer holidays.

The philosophy in Orme House is to find opportunities to praise and celebrate the success of students.  Success can take many forms, from the individual who wins a national award to the student who has overcome some personal difficulties.  So our praise and celebration might be announced across the whole House or the praise might be personal to the individual.  For example, it is pleasing to note the achievement of one Orme student who was awarded a prize in the local Denstone show

The origin of the name 'Orme House' dates back to the 1870's when 'George Orme and Sons Ltd' opened trading as drapers and gentlemen's outfitters on Uttoxeter High Street.  The business expanded opening retail outlets in six other towns, Cheadle, Ilkeston and Stoke being three of them.  George Orme and Sons Ltd finished trading in Uttoxeter in the early 1980's

If you are reading this as a parent or carer of a student in Orme House please do not hesitate to contact the school if you would like to discuss the welfare of your son or daughter.

last updated 5 Oct 18