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Report A Concern


Report any safeguarding issues anonymously

The safety and well-being of our students is something that our school strives hard to ensure and we continue to work hard to provide ways to help you tell us if you or your family have any school problems or worries e.g. bullying, peer issues, school work .

Reporting issues is a very effective way to enable us to be able to deal with risks before they escalate into harm.  We understand too that sometimes, coming into school to tell us about these issues cannot always be an easy thing to do.

That’s why we have launched an anonymous reporting service for pupils, families and the local community that allows you to send a message to a confidential school email account where staff experienced in responding to issues will receive it.

Your report will be sent to Mrs Major (Assistant Headteacher and designated safeguarding lead), in the first instance.

We will not store any personal information if you use this service.

We know that reporting can raise awareness of an issue across the school and things can change because of that through discussion and education. Reporting someone who is bullying, for example, can very often focus attention on that person and is sometimes enough to change their behaviour. Whilst your report may not always get the solution you want to see, reporting bad behaviours can often stop them from happening to others. If people know their unacceptable behaviour will be reported they are less likely to do it and this can have a positive effect across the whole school.

To report a concern please click the link here