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Welcome to the Social & Health Studies Department

The Social & Health Studies department is a vibrant and lively department which offers a range of academic and vocational qualifications in years 10, 11 and Sixth Form. We have a team of teachers, who are passionate about their subjects, plan challenging and engaging lessons and are committed to ensuring you achieve your best.

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Level 2 BTEC courses offered: 

BTEC Tech in Child Development

This course provides an engaging and relevant introduction to the world of early years. It incorporates aspects of child development from birth to age 5, exploring play as a route of children’s learning.

There are three Components

Component 1: Children’s Growth & Development

You will learn about children’s growth and development: physical, cognitive, communication and language, emotional and social and how these areas are linked.

Component 2: Learning through Play

You will explore how play promotes children’s development in early years settings, gaining an understanding of how play is structured.

Component 3:Supporting Children to Play

You will examine how a child learns and develops and adapt activities to support the inclusion of all children in play for learning and development.

BTEC Tech in Health & Social Care

This is an exciting introduction to the health and care sector. You will study four units throughout the two year course:

Human Lifespan development

Here you will learn about how we change and develop throughout our lives form babies into older adulthood. You will explore the lifestyle choices, relationships and life events that affect us.

Health & Social Care Values

This units looks at how individuals can be help to take control of their own care ensuring that specific needs are met.

The Impact of Nutrition on Health & Wellbeing

You will explore what is meant by a balanced diet and its effects on the body and you will create nutritional plans for people at different life stages.

Promoting Health & Wellbeing

How can we improve the health and wellbeing of the nation? We will look at what does it mean to healthy and how we help people to make healthy choices.

A-Level courses offered: 

A- level Psychology

Exam board: AQA

Students explore different approaches to explain our thoughts, feelings and behaviour.  They examine classic pieces of psychological research and discuss how these apply to real world situations.  Topics include criminal behaviour, relationships and schizophrenia. Students also explore their own practical investigations and psychological experiments using a range of research methods. There are three examinations in the A-level course.

Level 3 BTEC courses offered: 

BTEC Extended Diploma in Health & Social Care (equiv. to 3 A levels)

Students spend four days in school and one day a week in a health, care or early years placement.  They complete 13 units of work covering a range of topics including anatomy & physiology, sociology, communication, research methods, development through the life stages and professional development. There are four examinations (two taken in year 12 and two taken in year 13) and all other units are assessed through coursework assignments and have vocational elements throughout.

BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Health & Social Care (equiv. to 1 A level)

Students study four units including communication, anatomy & physiology and equality, diversity and rights in health & social care. Two of these are examined in year 12 and the other two are assignment based coursework tasks throughout year 13.  Work placement is not mandatory on this course but we do recommend that students organise their own work experience in a health, care or early years setting.

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updated september 2018