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Torrance House

Head of House: Miss Keeling

Student Support Assistant: Mrs Collier

Welcome to Torrance House! The house gets its name from a local author named William Grove Torrance who published a book called "The History of Alleyne's Grammar School, 1558-1958". Our house colour for Torrance is blue and you will be able to spot a Torrance student by seeing them wearing their blue tie with pride!

We are known to be very successful in the House competitions and although we may not have won the overall House Trophy last year, we still had a great deal of successes in competitions throughout the year! We came first in Year 9 boys Cross Country, Handball and House Music to name just a few. I am confident that with continued effort and dedication to House Competitions, we can climb our way back to the top and win back the House Trophy! We want all Torrance students aim for excellence in every aspect of their school lives amd in the community and we always hope to empower other students with our positivity.

Students in Torrance House are supported by a team of 7 tutors, along with Mrs Collier, our Student Support Assistant and the Head of House. We are also lucky to have some outstanding House Captains in Torrance House, who represent the House and the School brilliantly during transition events, open evenings, parent’s evenings and so much more. In Year 9 we have Isla, Harley, Liliana and Duncan and in Year 10 we have Max, Sophie, Millie and Tom.

If you are reading this as a parent or carer of a student in Torrance House and you would like to know more about Torrance or the Pastoral System, please get in touch with myself or Mrs Collier.