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School Policies

Important Documents & Policies

All school policies and documents are listed below as PDF files.  You will require Adobe Reader on your device.  If you require Adobe Reader click on the link below and select the version you require.

Link to Adobe Reader

ULT/MAT Policies can be found here

Policy Name

Link to Document

Admissions Policy 2022/23 Click here
Anti Bullying Policy 2023/24 Click here
Assessment Policy 2022 Click here
Attendance and Punctuality Policy 2023/24 Click here
Behaviour for learning Policy 2022/23 Click here
CCTV Policy 2023/24 Click here
CEIAG (Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance) Employability and Employer Engagement Policy 2023 Click here
CEIAG Provider Access Policy 2023 Click here
Charging and Remissions Policy 2023/24 Click here
Children who go missing in education Policy 2022/23 Click here
Curriculum Policy 2023 Click here
Data Protection Policy 2023 Click here
Debt Recovery Policy 2022/23 Click here
Educational Visits Policy 2022/23 Click here
Freedom of Information Act Publication Scheme 2023 Click here
Freedom of Information Act Policy 2023 Click here
Gift's and Hospitality Policy 2022/23 Click here
Guidance for Exclusions  Click here
Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy 2022 Click here
Local Offer 2021/22 Click here
Menopause Support Policy 2021 Click here
Mental Health and Well Being Policy 2021 Click here
Mobile Phone Policy 2022/23 Click here
NQT Induction Policy 2021 Click here
Performance Management Policy for Teaching Staff 2021 Click here
Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 22-25 Click here
Promoting Welfare and Wellbeing by Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation Safeguarding Policy - PREVENT 2021 Click here
Privacy Notice 2022 Click here
Privacy Notice Lateral Flow Testing 2020 Click here
Register of School Interests 2022 Click here
Remote Education Provision 2022 Click here
Remote teaching and learning Policy 2020 Click here
Safeguarding Policy 2022/23 Click here
SEND Accessibility Plan 2021 Click here
Support And Supervision Policy 2023 Click here
TAHS Complaints and Appeals Procedure 2023/24 (Exams) Click here
TAHS Candidate Identification Procedure 2023/24 (Exams) Click here
TAHS Emergency Evacuation Procedure 2023/24 (Exams) Click here
TAHS Escalation Process 2023/24 (Exams) Click here
TAHS Exams Contingency Plan 2023/24 (Exams) Click here
TAHS Internal Appeals Procedure 2023/24 (Exams) Click here
TAHS Non-examination Assessment Policy 2023/24 (Exams) Click here
TAHS Procedures to check the qualifications of the Centre 2023/24(Exams) Click here
TAHS Procedures for Candidate Request for Review of Marking 2023/24 (Exams) Click here
TAHS Word Processor Policy 2023/24 (Exams) Click here
TAHS Mainstream academy and free school: Supplemental funding agreement 2016 Click here
TAHS Risk Assessment 2021 Click here
TAHS Homework Policy 2022/23 Click here
TAHS Support and Supervision Policy 2020 Click here
Taking and Publishing images of children Policy 2021 Click here