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Sixth Form Protocols

Sixth Form Protocols

Day to Day Routines:

Registration takes place every morning (apart from Friday see below) students are expected to attend every day and be on time or early.

  • Sixth Form Assemblies take place on Friday and are compulsory. Students register first with their Academic Tutor, and then proceed to theatre for a prompt assembly start at 8.45am.
  • Assemblies are themed each week and attendance is monitored by the Sixth Form Team.
  • Students are expected to be in school full time, and in full uniform whether they have lessons or study periods.
  • 100% attendance is expected in all lessons and at registration. Attendance is monitored closely and any unexplained absences will be followed up and dealt with accordingly.
  • If students are late to school for any reason, they must sign in outside the Sixth Form Office with the reason for their lateness.
  • If students need to leave school for any reason during a school day they must sign out outside the Sixth Form Office. If they return to school on the same day they must sign back in – this is a legal requirement so that we know who is on the premises at any time.

Code of Conduct:

A pdf version of the Sixth Form code of conduct can be viewed at the link below. All students and parents are asked to agree and sign a copy of the code of conduct upon entry into the Sixth Form.

If students have a study period during period 5 they cannot go home unless they have made a prior arrangement with a member of the 6th form team...